chef carrie head shot door frame leaning very closeup

Home-grown, fresh picked vegetables and fruit have always played an important role through my life but it was not until one of my three children developed severe food sensitivities that a spark ignited.  I threw myself into researching the importance of whole food and the negative impact food additives and preservatives may have on our bodies.

As a child, I was inquisitive about all foods; their tastes, textures, colors.  It was a daily occurrence for me to reach across to everyone’s plates for tastes and was labeled “the longest fork” at the table!  Little did I know that label would help me pursue my passion for cooking and conscious living.

After a professional career in investment banking and culinary exploration at The Southern California School of Culinary Arts, South Pasadena, I discovered the pleasure that comes from growing, harvesting and eating the fruits of our labor.  More importantly I realized the joy and passion I have for helping others to explore the benefits of healthy eating and the positive impact it can have on their lives.   

Through healthy, organic, whole-food living, my child’s physical and emotional ailments significantly improved!  Helping my own child motivated me to want to educate others.  “The Longest Fork” is now hands-on, educational, and fun experiential learning,  using  food to nurture, educate and empower.

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