Mallory Gamewell – teen student  – Summer 2019

I became inspired to eat healthier and focus on the ingredients that go into certain meals.  I’ve become open-minded to item I never thought I would like, like cauliflower crust pizza, pesto sauce, and spring rolls.  The Longest Fork has certainly opened my eyes to healthy and conscious cooking.

Julie Roth – adult student / private dinner event – April 2019

I had a blast at your home. You made us all feel like we were on a mini vacation! Seriously, the food was absolutely delicious, and the atmosphere was so relaxing and pleasant. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us. And, thanks too, for sending the recipes.

Gary Pirnat – adult student / private dinner event – April 2019

Michele and I had a wonderful time and learned a great deal from your cooking class.  The food we prepared was delicious and easy to make. We’re already thinking about booking a class for some of our children and grandchildren.

Monica Wong – adult student / private lunch event – April 2019

Thank you Carrie for sharing your healthy beautiful & delicious food with us! We learned so much and ate soooo much!

Cherry Chang – adult student / private lunch event – April 2019

I’m so making the chocolate soufflé…and the pasta, and the wrap….everything was delicious!  Carrie, thank you so much for sharing your talent and passion, we are so lucky to have someone like you be make the world healthier and yummier! I’m in for the Pilate class!

Brady – student (age 11) – February 2019

I’ve never really like cooking but yesterday’s class changed the whole experience.  I learned that I am actually good at kneading pizza dough.  It’s just really fun to learn all the ways and all the things you can cook.  I like that it was all homemade and healthy.

Natalie – student (age 8) – February 2019

I have had a lot of experience in the kitchen, but never one like this.  I like that it’s high energy, kid friendly, and a fun way to learn new recipes.  It’s helpful because I can make things for my parents that they may not have made before and it’s all from scratch (and healthy)!

Keely Ng – parent to Natalie and Brady (ages 8 & 11) – February 2019

My 8 year old, Natalie, is already proficient in the kitchen. But she loves what she gets to do with Chef Carrie. It expands her abilities and her knowledge of fun recipes like Hummus, Jam, and creative ways to make things she loves like Grilled Cheese! What I was shocked to find out is that Chef Carrie made cooking fun and interesting for my 11 year old son who often resists helping in the kitchen. He texted me during the class saying “I am having a great time! I want to do this more often!”  I think it was another creative outlet that he was surprised to learn he enjoys & can be good at!  We are a family that loves to cook together, so I anticipate that he’ll be contributing more in the future, especially when it comes to making pizza dough from scratch!

Jennifer Carey – parent to Bridget (age 11) – November 2018

Thank you so much!  Bridget had such a great time at the party!  She told me so many things about the food, harvesting most everything right from your garden, and the wonderful flavors that went into each dish.  And we really appreciate that you had a gluten free menu!!! What a great experience!

Christina Welford – parent to Ben Welford (age 11) – May 2018

Chef Carrie managed to keep ten 11-year old boys rapt with attention to her every word for three hours!  They measured, chopped (yes, with sharp knives and a special cutting lesson), mixed, picked ingredients fresh from the garden and followed written recipes under Chef Carrie’s watchful and engaging eye.  The boys competed hard and even “bought” sabotages to trip up other teams in a fun Cutthroat Kitchen-style cook-off. Kids and parents alike commented on how creative and engaging the party was. My son has already asked to do cooking lessons this summer with Chef Carrie.  

Chris Karjala – Date-night Cooking Class – April 2018

The parent’s night out cooking class @thelongestfork was outstanding!  A huge, “Thank You!!!” To Chef Carrie!  I learned a great deal of new techniques and enjoyed every minute of the experience.  Couldn’t have picked a better crew to cook dinner with.  What a great evening.

Brooke Deskofsky – Bachelorette Weekend – April 2018

I had such a fun time cooking with Carrie and The Longest Fork. My group booked a fun cooking class for a party and had the best time walking around in her organic garden, learning about seasonal produce and improving our cooking skills. She created a delicious menu of French cuisine and even modified parts for a friend with food allergies. I would highly recommend her classes for kids and adults!

Debbie Fogel, parent to Grace Fogel (age 9) –  March 2016

“Thank you for a wonderful cooking class today!!  Grace had so much fun and is excited to try and make some pasta with me!   I guess she will teach me how to do it!!  Looking forward to more cooking classes!!”

Gia Gaffaney, parent to child (age 8) –  May 2015

“I just wanted you to know how much your efforts have meant to my daughter and to our family. My (step)grandmother is from Mexico and grew up making tortillas. At 95, she got to hear how her great-granddaughter learned to make a tortilla!  This was a priceless gift.”

Alena Zaretsky, Parent to Sabina (age 9)  – March 2015

“Thank you so much for doing such an amazing birthday party for Sabina.  She absolutely loved it as did all of her friends!”

Brooke Stefano, Parent to Makenna (age 10)  – January 2015

“Thank you so much for the GREAT cooking bday party today!!! Makenna loved it, and the girls all seemed to really have a good time.”

Angela Dickson Gupta, Adult Student  – October 2014

“Thank you for the inspiring, delicious class!!! And great group of classmates.”

Pam Sullivan, Adult Student – October 2014

“Carrie, you are a rock star chef.  Such an awesome class today.  I’m so inspired.  Can’t wait for the next class.”

Misdee Jacobs, Adult Student – October 2014

“That was so much fun and a wonderful cooking lesson!  I learned so much and met such nice ladies.  Thank you Carrie!!! I will come again!”

Michele Grant, Parent to Charlie Grant (age 7) – August 2014

“Charlie says your cooking camp is the only camp he wants to go to next summer.”

Jaya Tewari, Teen Student (age 13) – August 2014

“I love doing the Longest Fork cooking camp! I learn so many new recipes that I make at home and my family and I enjoy them so much. It’s also so nice to get fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the garden to use to cook in the class, it makes the food so delicious!”

Michelle Corcoran, parent to Morgan Corcoran (age 9), June 2014

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday! Morgan had such a great time at your cooking class! She took so much pride in her gift to Dad today….it was adorable. She is hooked on this cooking stuff and said she wants to do more of your classes. 

Kristen Arrigo, parent to Isa Arrigo (age 9), June 2014

She shared so many details and observations from today’s class and experiences.  She was fascinated by “Cupcake Wars” and how we must record it.  Also, she told me all about the delicious and healthy snacks, eaten outdoors.  She adores & idolizes you — what a cool role model and wonderful impact you are making! Thank you.

Kristen Arrigo, parent to Isa Arrigo (age 9), May 2014

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Thank you for teaching such an awesome class on Saturday.  Isa enjoyed creating & learning from you, and Mother’s Day breakfast was amazing & delicious.  I very much appreciate your healthy cuisine and attention to detail (ex: personal tray, cute napkin, covered juice, etc., etc.), too. 

Catherine Raack, parent to Kiera Raack (age 6)

“Keira LOVED the class!  You must know she is SO picky. She loved everything and came home and devoured her tacos.   She wants to take another class! Let me know when you schedule more days. “

Debbie Fogel, parent to Grace Fogel (age 7) – February 2014

“Thank you SOO much for today!!  Grace had a great time!  She said that she tried everything and that some things tasted good!    She’s such a picky eater!  She said that she would love to take another class”

Kristin Arrigo, Parent to Isa Arrigo (8 years) – January 2014

“I’ve been meaning to thank you for a wonderful class & experience for Isa, and for providing this awesome recap and the recipes.  You do an amazing job & I wish you much & continued success.

I wanted to quickly share a story with you, illustrating your positive influence and our gratitude.  Today is Isa’s “1/2” birthday (she’s now 8 1/2), so I asked her what she’d like to do/have for dinner to celebrate.  She said that she wants to cook dinner for us tonight (using your menu & recipes).  Needless to say, we’re all super excited — I can’t wait to try the Vietnamese Spring Rolls!!”

Alana Torgelson, Parent to Jayna and Samantha Torgelson (8 years) – November 2013

“Samantha loved the salad. Had it for lunch the next day. Thanks for sharing your passion.“

Nancy Geneva, Parent to Alexander (8 years) and Nicholas (6 years) Tamara – November 2013

“The boys loved it! Can they do next Sunday too?”

Alana Torgelson, Parent to Jayna and Samantha Torgelson (8 years) – October 2013.

“My girls had a great time.  I loved  the banana ghosts and (nut) butter in the jar. Yummy.  You packed a bunch into 2 hours.  They were smiling from ear to ear on the way to the theater.   Thank you for organizing such a sweet event. “

Cynthia Dickinson, Parent to Nato Dickinson (11 years) – August 2013.

“Our family was completely impressed with The Longest Fork cooking class. It’s fun, healthy, educational and inspiring.”

Stacey Haft, Parent to Rachel Haft (11 years) – August 2013

“Thank you so much for the incredible camp you have put together. Rachel is having the best time!!!”

Linda Colleran, Parent to Sami Colleran (13 years) – August 2013

“Carrie, sami is having so much fun at the camp. She texted me food photos yesterday and promised to make them for me when I’m back from visiting my mom. Plus she adores your garden & house.”

Kathy Christian, Parent of Stella (8 years) – July 2013

“I can’t possibly thank you enough for the MOST INCREDIBLE and LIFE CHANGING experience that Stella has had, to date!  Thanks to you, she LOVES and SEEKS OUT healthy, raw foods and is beyond excited about preparing them in our kitchen at home.  Honestly, months ago when she and Marly had a sleepover at your house she watched as you directed your kids in your kitchen and that’s when it started.  Since that sleepover, she then insisted on packing her own (healthy) lunch for school and instructed me to follow up with equally healthy after-school snacks ONLY!  It’s all due to you and your positive and fun influence!  You have, indeed, found your calling and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to witness that miracle (it’s so hard to find!) as well as to have my children benefit from your huge talent.

Many, many thanks to you for all of your hard work and for making such a GIANT difference in our lives!”

Kim Krotts, Parent of Charli (6.5 years) – July 2013

“Oh my gosh, Charli LOVED IT and cannot stop talking about her love for her cooking class.  I will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for all the cooking classes she intends to take!  Thank you so much for giving my child a healthy dinner while the rest of us ate Ruby’s (wish I was kidding!).  She can’t wait until Thursday…” 

Sepi Fallahi, Parent of Kaitlyne (11 yrs) – July 2013

“Thank you so much Carrie, this is one of the best cooking experiences for her and the fact that she is trying all these new ingredients and liking them is great. So wonderful to learn at this age how to eat healthy without having to compromise the good taste.   The blueberry breakfast bars are soooo good, I’m paying her to make it for me weekly:)”

Nita Tewari, Parent of Jaya (12 yrs) and Sanjay (7 yrs) – July & August 2013

“The kids were so happy today!!  Even Sanjay :) Thanks for a great day today – looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Love the update and pictures.  They are my second favorite part of the camp! The first part is seeing the kids come home so happy from eating nutritious food! “

Robyn Zeiper, Parent of Ashley (10 yrs) – July 2013

“Ash is having a great time and wants to share her culinary skills at home.  She and Harley had a cooking contest tonight.  So fun! “

Olivia Slutzky, Parent of Kyra (10 yrs), Tyler (7 yrs), Geoff (5yrs)– July 2013

“Hi. Loved the update and the kids LOVED the camp. Kyra wants to do another session. All three of them made glow bites yesterday.”

“Kyra, Tyler and Geoff loved their day of cooking.  It made Kyra’s peak list.  Tyler saved one of his banana split bites for Al and as soon as he got home the first thing they said was do you want to try our dip and banana split.  They were very excited by what they had accomplished.  You did a great job.  They are looking forward to tomorrow.  Go Carrie Go!!!”



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