COOKING CONSCIOUSLY An urban farm-to-table experience in Corona Del Mar, we provide seed-to-plate hands-on education.  We offer edible education cooking classes, workshops & private lessons year round to toddlers, homeschoolers, teens, adults, private and public schools, scout groups and summer camps.  Our classroom includes the kitchen and our very own onsite organic garden.   These programs encourage critical thinking and independence and teach mathematical calculations in an unassuming and non-threatening environment.

The classes explore all of our senses and nurture our need to feed our bodies heart-healthy whole foods.

OUR MISSION is to nurture conscious living, independence, and self-confidence through edible education and hands-on-learning.

NURTURE  by caring for, encouraging, and FEEDING the growth and development of each student’s independence and self-confidence by eating from harvest to home.

TEACH all ages, capturing a bottom-up grass roots approach to conscious living through healthy, local, seasonal and organic farming and eating.

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