THERE’S NOTHING LIKE FRESH PASTA. Or pasta in general, really. Oh the variation–from long angel hair, to thick fettuccine, there really is a “type” for everyone. And this recipe allows for just that. We used a hand press pasta machine which allows you to literally hand-pick and roll any and which pasta your taste buds desire. Of course that is the duty of the metal work–I’m here to give you the perfect recipe for a mouthwatering flavor. Can you say Bon Appetit?

 2014-07-09 17.03.15

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CRAVING THOSE CARB-RIDEN, GREASY LITTLE PIZZA BITES THAT CLAIMED AN EYE-LEVEL SPOT IN EVERY GROCERY STORE BACK IN CIRCA 2004? Well, fret no more–I’ve cooked up (literally) the perfect solution, savory cheese and tomato topped kohlrabi! You know that vegetable that’s the new “it” thing at the farmer’s market? Well turns out it tastes pretty darn yummy after a little heating and seasoning!


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THERE’S NOTHING LIKE GOOD, HOMEMADE BISCOTTI. Or at least that’s what I’ve come to conclude after taste testing dozens of different versions of the classic Italian treat. I was always up in the air on this stuff (mainly because of the way I had been served it), it was always a different consistency, texture, or taste–too hard, too sweet, or too yuck. So I through confusion and desperation I decided to cook up a batch of my own, alternated form of what has now become one of my favorite sweet treats. And I think it pasts the perfect crunch–and taste test.

2014-07-09 15.42.30

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